xmas cactus
original sold
giclee 21x28 - $450.00
original sold giclee 21x28 - $450.00


Welcome to Joan Elliott – accomplished artist with meaningful collection

As an established artist, Joan Elliott brings her impressive collection of fine watercolor and oil paintings to a new dimension. She draws inspiration from nature, feelings and life experiences that emanates from her heart and soul.

Joan Elliott watercolor paintings capture feelings and emotions that are conveyed through her distinctive style and technical skills that art enthusiasts love about her work. The elements of her paintings are able to evoke moods, feelings and ideas from the viewer. Her body of work is an emotional experience in itself, a true reflection of a natural artist’s passion.

Joan Elliott grew up loving the arts. She took her passion seriously and devoted her time and talent into creating beautiful pieces of artwork that are now showcased in renowned art galleries and collections of art enthusiasts. Her body of work is a mix of various elements, not only depicting a single style or interest. She paints just about anything that captures her heart and expresses deep feelings through vibrant colors, bold lines and a dynamic style that is influenced by inspiration.

With over two decades of proven talent and skills, Joan Elliott has established a respected reputation as a premier independent artist. Showcasing a large body of work to art galleries and art collectors, she has taken her passion to higher elevations.

So if you’re looking for exceptional work of art from a brilliant artist, there’s only one name to remember – Joan Elliott!

To learn more about her work, please email us at Joan@joanelliott.com

Fine Art of Joan Elliott 

Joan Elliott Artist
Joan Elliott
2016 photo

oil painting 32 x 38" joan elliott 2008

painted in East Hampton Pantigo Road House.

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